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The Double Meaning behind the blog title 'Dream Follower:'
First, for 14 years I was a ballroom & social dance instructor, and have studied both leading and following. I feel that learning to follow is full of nuance and is often misunderstood. I made it one of my personal goals to become a really excellent follow on the dance floor, and will probably talk a lot about the art of following - both in and out of the context of dance.

Second, I am a huge fan of author Michael Ende, probably best known for The Neverending Story. The book is incredible, and the first film captured some of the essence. (Please don't watch the other two films...I urge you to read the book though!) Anyway, at least twice in my life I have been caught in a storm of my own indecision, and my inner Moon Princess yelled to my inner Bastian...'Why don't you do what you dream?' I tear up even now as I write this little blurb. The tension between being practical, keeping my feet on the ground and my head out of the clouds (at the risk of compromising my inner vibrancy, true self, and who knows what else)...and reaching for my true dreams (at the risk of losing everything) is still a very real struggle. In fact, one of those struggles lead to my 14 years of teaching dance, so we can see which voice won the battle that fateful day when I was staring at the want-ad...

And so I strive to be two kinds of Dream Followers in my life. One has to do with connecting with others, and the other has to do with connecting with my inner Moon Princess and the world of possibility that opens when I do...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Second Sight (the meeting, Samantha)

Her mind tripping over itself, her heart pounding, her fingers cold, she put her car in park. He was just standing there, eyes intense, feet planted and she took a deep breath and a long blink.

She gathered her frayed nerves along with her purse, and got out of the car. As she walked toward him, her eyes slipped into Second Sight and she saw above his head a beam of light through dark gray clouds that weren't there in true weather. She glimpsed a troubled lonely past he just left behind. He bared his teeth and in her current view she saw a wolf with its tail between his hind legs, head ducked, tongue lolling to the side from exhaustion.

Her hand might tremble in his, but she felt safe with him, and her curiosity overcame her nerves.

He said 'Hi.'

He said so much more with his eyes, and she felt something uncoil inside her.

"How do you feel about taking a walk?" She was still keyed up and couldn't imagine sitting still.

'Good, yes let's'


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